Feel better in a matter of minutes with Rapid Change Therapies

Hi, My name is Inese!

I’m a certified practitioner of rapid change therapies and mindset mentor.

During last two years I’ve helped more than 100 people to overcome anxiety, fears, low self-esteem, the feeling of being stuck and emotional trauma.

Do You Want To Feel Grounded, Wholesome, And Worthy, Like The Master Of Your Own Universe?

Here is how I can help you:

by Quickly and permanently healing remnants of emotional and physical trauma. 


  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • feeling of guilt
  • outbursts of anger
  • PTSD
  • Phobia
  • Fears
  • Traumatic memories
  • Chronical fatigue

by Helping you to gain new understanding of your self and your limiting patterns


  • Many facets of your Identity
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Subconscious blocks
  • Your metaphore of life
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Relationship with your self
  • Relationship with others

by Helping you to accept and heal your family trauma and bonds on an energetic level


  • Accepting your family system
  • Healing generational trauma
  • Healing generational pattern
  • Relationship with your Mother
  • Relationship with your Father
  • Cutting toxic cords of attachment

 Could you benefit from a workbook that you can print and use to figure out which areas of your life need improvement?

Download your pdf here:

Life Balance Workbook 

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Why Should You Work With Me?

Have you ever had those days when you open your eyes in the morning and the first thought you have is: “Oh, no! I have to do it all again! I wish I could just fast forward till bedtime!”

That was me. 5 years ago. I had everything, but I was so unhappy with myself. 

I loved my husband and family and around them I felt happy. But, I was losing my temper often, I was playing the victim, I had completely lost myself, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted, I was anxious and blaming others. 

I started multiple businesses but failed. 

I gained more than 20 kg

It took unexpectedly losing my husband for me to start taking care of myself, working on my mindset, healing the trauma, limiting beliefs, Imposter syndrome, and PTSD to begin with, but at last I feel whole, I know who I am and what I want.

I am happy. I know my worth, I know my life’s calling. 


So when I say I can help you, rest assured, this is not just a job, this is my calling.


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Individual client reviews

Trusted by numerous Individuals seeking change

Jessica Simon / Name is changed due to clients request

Thanks to just 5 sessions with Inese, I finally feel free from my anxiety and low self-esteem, and have a new lease on life.

Sounds too good to be true! How is this magical change happening?

Through the use of cutting-edge Change modalities like Integral Eye Movement Therapy, OldPain2Go, and

Inherited Family Trauma healing, along with other life coaching tools, I can help you break free from limiting beliefs, patterns, and blocks.

My approach is tailored to your individual needs and goals. 


I work with clients from all over the World, including Latvia, UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, USA, and Australia.

It’s never too late to start your healing journey.

Still skeptical? Keep on reading!

How My Services Are Priced?

  • Separate Session: (136eur)

Perfect for you if you have just one problematic state. Like fear of public speaking, negative worldview, fear of dentist.


Just book one session as you need and enjoy your perfect life.

  • Year of Transformation (12 Sessions): 1332eur (111eur per session)

Perfect for you if you are serious about your healing journey.


You have multiple issues or problematic states – Like anxiety, guilt, feeling stuck, feeling lost, PTSD, Imposter syndrome, can’t draw my boundaries, etc.


Or you just don’t know what you need to work on or heal, you just know, you don’t want to continue like this anymore.


This is a gentler but more powerful approach, with one session per month. Perfect for people who are committed to a deep transformation and understanding of self.

  • Pack of 5 Sessions: 610eur (122eur per session)

Perfect for you if you have few issues or problematic states – Like anxiety, guilt, feeling stuck, feeling lost, PTSD, Nobody understands me, etc.   


Or you just don’t know what you need to work on or heal, you just know, you don’t want to continue like this anymore.


This is more intense approach, with one session per week.Perfect for busy professionals who wants to feel the transformation now.

  • Couples Session: 222,-eur

Perfect for you if you want to work on your relationship with spouse, friend or child. 

  • Heal your own personal trauma, during individual sessions
  • Learn to communicate and listen during couples sessions
  • Use self-help tools and techniques in your own time

Usually couples work goes like this:

  • couples session (222eur)
  • single session for one (122eur)
  • single session for the other (122eur)
  • couples session (222eur)
  • Support group for spiritual entrepreneurs 75,-eur a month

Support for spiritual business owners who want to:

  • clear their way to success from limiting beliefs about business, money, abundance,  imposter syndrome, fears of public speaking, and blocks to success,
  • want to learn very practical info about magnetic communication, intellectual property, and safety, basics of marketing, basics of branding.

With 2 Zoom meetings and one optional practical action day a month, this will suit even the busiest of entrepreneurs.

  • Truly accept and love your body program for women ( 252,-eur for group or 618,-eur VIP (Group +3 individual sessions))

A fantastic 8-week program for you:

  • If you don’t like your body,
  • If you hate your belly or some other part of your body
  • if you just can’t lose weight.

Learn more about your emotions and limiting beliefs regarding your weight, your pelvis, conscious eating, the necessity of weight exercises and more.

See yourself in a new light!

Almost Magical Techniques I Use

Features & Benefits




Happy Limitless Clients

     From just feeling lighter, to newfound confidence. From depression to more self-awareness. From watching life from side lines – to being in the center of attention.

getting rid of PTSD, phobias, fear of public speaking etc.


     Some names have been changed and stock photo images have been used, to keep my client’s information confidential.

Your healing is my passion!

happy people jumping up, client reviews

accepting my life events and letting go of the guilt

I stummbled upon Ineses profile on Instagram and decided to give it a try since traditional therapy seemed like a lengthy process to reach the desired outcome. I was amazed at how quickly Inese was able to help me deal with the guilt and trauma from my child's traumatic experiences that were haunting me in my dreams. Inese is highly experienced and knowledgable in various methods that are tailored to suit individual needs. Her approach is a combination of Psychologist, coach, IEMT, NLP making her sessions unique and highly effective. I felt comfortable opening un and sharing my thoughts and feelings, knowing that I'm in a supportive and safe environment. Inese helped me accept my life events as facts and let go of the guilt, making me more accepting to those around me and responding appropriately to their actions. - Monika

happy woman smiling, izmagic, client review

new level of self-awareness and confidence

I am filled with gratitude for a meeting that has brought about significant changes in my life. I cannot express the incredible lightness and ease that I have been feeling since our session. I have a newfound confidence and resilience. I am no longer concerned with the opinions of others or get stuck in negative moments. Instead, II feel joy and freedom in my life which helps me move forward with grace and positivity. I want to thank Inese for helping me achieve a new level of self-awareness and growth. I intend to use the practical tools she taught me in my everyday life to continue this journey. This experience is a powerful reminder to follow our curiosities and that we are capable of tremendous personal growth and transformation, and that pursuit of self-discovery and happiness is always worth it. - Linda

woman smiling, izmagic client review

no more heaviness nor feeling stuck

The most accurate thing to say about sessions with Inese Is - they are MAGIC! I turned to Inese because I wanted to get to the root of my current feeling of stuckness and to get rid of it right away! As it turns out This is exactly what Inese excels at. By solving the most essential problem, many other things started to fall into place on their own. When I applied for my first session, I had no idea what it was and how it worked. But during first session, when I got rid of physical heaviness in my chest, that had been preventing me from taking a full breath for a long time, I no longer had any doubts that Inese knows what's she's doing and that it can really help me. Our sessions unfolded with longer breaks in between, and yet each one was at the exact time to give me exactly the solution I needed at that moment. Thank you for what you do! And from the bottom of my heart, I recommend anyone who is tired of living lost among their "weeds". - Laura

woman smiling, izmagic client review

profound sense of calmness

"Before discovering Integral Eye Movement Therapy, I had tried numerous therapies to overcome my anxiety, restlessness, and fear. From books to psychologists, I searched for answers, but nothing seemed to truly make a difference. It felt like these emotions were constantly circling me, never giving me a moment of peace. Then, fate intervened when I stumbled upon Integral Eye Movement Therapy while browsing the depths of the Internet. Unfortunately, it wasn't available in my native language, leaving me disheartened, thinking that help might never come. However, everything changed at the beginning of this year when I came across an interview with Ines in one of the health magazines. Intrigued and hopeful, I decided to give it a try. Over the course of three transformative sessions, Ines skillfully addressed each problem I faced. With every session, the once chaotic birds of anxiety in my mind and heart gradually found serenity. And then, after the third session, it happened—I experienced a profound sense of calmness that had eluded me for years. Finally, I could rest and sleep peacefully. Ines, your therapy is nothing short of 'powerful,' and I can't thank you enough for helping me reclaim my inner peace. Your expertise and guidance made all the difference in my journey towards healing. I wholeheartedly recommend your integral eye movement therapy to anyone seeking profound positive change in their lives. Thank you!" - Yasmin

no more being on sidelines during meetings

This session was very meaningful for me. Here, my feeling that I am always on the sidelines appeared and was released, I feel that I am watching life from the outside like a movie, but I am not participating. I felt like I fit in at the meeting, I felt like I belonged, I felt inside, not outside. In the time given to me, I spoke seeing my colleagues, seeing their eyes. I did not hide or protect myself, it was easy. I answered the questions without anxiety. In my opinion, what I said was clearer, more understandable and with a calm flow. In gratitude and thank you from the bottom of my heart, it's magical. 🌞🧡💫 - Ilze

woman, izmagic session review

much calmer and more fulfilling life

When my everyday emotions started to resemble a rollercoaster, and I started to loose my cool, I realized that this is impacting my relationships with my children and husband in a very bad way. Inese helped me understand that these are just consequences, the root cause is somewhere in my past. Attending Integral Eye Movement Therapy sessions, I got to know myself better. I remembered different memories from my childhood, that were affecting my behaviors and emotions today. I understood how my personality was affected by my past. I learned tools, that I can use on my own to help me in my everyday life. After only 8 sessions with Inese, I'm at peace with myself. I'm my own priority once again. Thanks to that, my everyday-life is much more peaceful now. I love taking part in different projects and activities. My life is much more fulfilling. - Marta

izmagic client review

feeling whole and much more positive

I felt very depressed – I felt like my life is in ruins. I had crazy mom guilt – I felt like a bad mother. Some negative situations, could break me for days. I would cry, close off and avoid everyone. Then I won 3 IEMT sessions! During our first session, we worked on guilt. I was truly in shock, how this method works, so quickly and powerfully at the same time! Focusing on exact memories, and moving eyes in certain patterns, I got rid of this mom-guilt that had been torturing me for 3 years! And it happened only in 1 session! I continued to work with different memories and with every time, I felt emotionally more stable, more sure of myself. The most interesting was working on unpleasant, heavy emotions – during eye movements, I had a feeling that the memories are being erased like with an eraser, and the memory becomes like a photo in an album. I remember it, but it doesn't evoke any negative emotions. It helps move on without dragging the emotional baggage behind. Now, at last, I feel emotionally stable, I have learned to understand my emotions, and deal with them. Every time something negative happens, I bounce back quickly and in a constructive way, instead of braking down, as before. I feel that IEMT has helped me feel whole again, and I feel much more positive now. - Liene

izmagic couples testimonial

inspired to work on our relationship

My boyfriend and I were in a relationship crisis. Inese helped to understand essential prerequisites for successful communication and explained what to do in conflict situations, as well as how to avoid them. The session could be booked quickly, Inese answered all the interesting questions and did not take sides. Her calm personality, personal examples and chosen session format gave a quick solution and the courage to move on. After the session, we feel inspired and we still use what we learned. I definitely recommend Ines for both individual work and couples for fast, professional and effective solutions. - Jana

Are you ready to start your transformation? Nothing will change until you do.

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